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Thread: Laser MFP Advice

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    Laser MFP Advice

    We're replacing our Canon Pixma MP530 because it died. Due to the cost of replacement ink, we've decided on going with a monochrome laser printer. We need it to be an all-in-one fax/scan/copy/print with auto duplexing. And, it needs to be Ubuntu/linux compatible, of course. Our one desktop has Ubuntu 10.04 (planning to upgrade to 12.04, just haven't gotten around to it yet), and we have a Win7 laptop and a LinuxMintKDE 13 mini-laptop.

    Currently I have it narrowed down to 3 possibilities:

    Oki MB451w

    Canon MF4880dw

    Canon MF4770n

    I'm also open to other suggestions.

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    Re: Laser MFP Advice

    this was a learning thread for me;

    post #32 was the how-to

    offering advice on getting the MF4450 to work; using the Canon UFR driver

    we got it to work well and work well on the network;

    if you can live with 32bit, that is simpler; but 64bit just requires some stuff installed first;

    the essence for the MF series is install the driver: the Canon UFR driver as described above;

    and then register the printer with lpadmin; one is tells lapadmin which ppd file to use with which printer;

    I think now it is very straightforward;

    __________________________________________________ _______________-

    the MF series is bidirectional so one uses cnusb instead of usb

    sudo /usr/sbin/lpadmin -p [Printer Name] -m [PPD file] -v cnusb:[device file location] -E

    __________________________________________________ ____________________________-

    you can see in post #40 the printer came alive; as did the poster!

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    Re: Laser MFP Advice

    Thanks for the reply and link. The Oki seems to be a little less involved in setup... leaning towards that now.

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    Re: Laser MFP Advice

    HP is usually trouble free.


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