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Thread: Digital camera no longer recognized

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    Digital camera no longer recognized

    Hi, I have an HP 620 Photosmart digital camera. It used to work fine, I could open pics in folders or image viewers. Then my tech buddy set up a network connection with another office computer to transfer/share files. Also my D-link router died and I replaced it with another. I ran some updates per the update manager. I haven't used the camera in a month so not certain of the precipitating event, all I know is that when I plug it in to the USB port, this computer doesn't recognize it any more. There's no prompt or recognition that the camera is there. The camera does say it's connected but the computer doesn't know it. No pics can be viewed or downloaded. Memory sticks do display so I know it's not the USB connectors. The camera works fine on my other computer, different version of Ubuntu. I was able to upload pics to ebay. So I know it's not a camera problem either. My friend spent all afternoon trying to trouble-shoot with no luck. He said he has never had any problem in the past with Ubuntu recognizing a digital camera, this is a first for him.

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    Re: Digital camera no longer recognized

    try gtkam.

    edit: that's more of a workaround than a solution - gtkam has proved very persistent in finding my camera although my file/volume/whatever manager/daemon did not. tip: find manually, there's long list of supported devices. also play with the settings on the camera itself - there's different transfer protocols.
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    Re: Digital camera no longer recognized

    What version of ubuntu are you running on the system that has the problem with the camera?

    With the camera plugged in to the usb port, do lsusb and post the output back here.

    If you go to file explorer. does it shown any devices for the camera? What are they? If you explore them, what folders show?

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