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Thread: Boot-repair problem (Windows 8 and Ubuntu 12.04 UEFI)

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    Boot-repair problem (Windows 8 and Ubuntu 12.04 UEFI)


    I installed Ubuntu 12.04 64 bit (actually Linux Mint 13 but it's basically he same, right?) next to Windows 8 on a HP Envy dv7 laptop, following first this tutorial (which didn't really work, install went fine but couldn't boot into Linux), and then this one (the "Trial and error" approach) using boot-repair from my linux live-USB.
    This created a new dual-boot startup screen with an old-fashioned "Debian" background and lots of strange entries but it worked, so I was very happy. So everything seemed to work fine but I have one recurring problem.

    Every time I want to boot into Windows and choose "Windows Boot UEFI", it says:
    error: no such device AAC7-6C28
    error: file not found
    Then I have to select the entry "Windows 8 Recovery", which gives me the error:
    error: unknown command 'drivemap'
    error: invalid EFI file path
    Then, if you can still follow, I rechoose the entry "Windows Boot UEFI" (the same that gave an error message before), and I can boot into WIndows! I find this very weird but it works...

    So finally I can boot into anything I want, which is great, but this weird error and the necessary procedure is a bit annoying.

    I did boot-repair twice: the first gave me this link:; the second

    (I also used EasyBCD from within Windows but I don't think this has a lot of influence on the mentioned problem).

    I'd be glad to provide any info if asked...

    (Update: in the mean while I also posted this thread here in Linux Mint forums, might be more appropiate. Sorry for double posting...)
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    Re: Boot-repair problem (Windows 8 and Ubuntu 12.04 UEFI)

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