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Thread: More efficient window management.

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    More efficient window management.


    I work on a gnome distro at work, Here is what I'm looking for.

    I constantly have billions of windows open the majority of which are log files/text files etc. Is there a better way to jump to the one I'm looking for than the standard alt-tab?

    I love using Launchy on windows to launch apps. if I could hit a hotkey and type or something to select an open window that would be fantastic. all ideas are welcome! what do you folks use for efficiency. Hell, any efficiency suggestions are more than welcome.


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    Re: More efficient window management.

    I switched to a tiling window manager (awesome wm) a few years back. It takes some adjustment, but once you get past that it's really nice. I never have to worry about juggling a stack of windows, or positioning/resizing them just right to have half a dozen windows visible at the same time. I can even set up rules to keep certain types of programs on specific virtual desktops and so forth.

    I don't know offhand if there's a way to do what you're asking for, but it's a programmable environment, so it's probably possible.

    I also seem to remember that Krunner in KDE could switch between open windows by typing in the window name.

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    Re: More efficient window management.

    Here's something else you can try.
    Takes a bit to get the hang of but may be useful for a lot of windows.

    kupfer is a handy launcher with various plugins including a Window List plugin.
    Once kupfer is running, ctrl+space will show it.
    **Note that when your typing something into kupfer, if you pause too long between keystrokes it will start anew.

    To set kupfer up....
    Click on the word "kupfer" in the top right for preferences and enable the window list and Favorites plugins.
    Open kupfer and start typing in window list until "Window List" appears in the left box.

    Hit the tab key to focus the right box then hit the down arrow and highlight "Add to Favorites". Hit Enter.
    This will make Window List show by just typing the first couple of letters eg "wi".

    So now open kupfer
    Type in wi to show "Window List"
    Hit enter
    Then type in something from the window name you want to bring up
    until it is focused in the list
    and hit Enter.
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    Re: More efficient window management.

    Quote Originally Posted by Alex.onub View Post
    I work on a gnome distro at work,
    You are not very clear on what you are currently using. Which OS/distro, version, desktop?

    GNOME Shell does what you ask for. You press the super key and you see a scaled view of all your windows then you click on the one you want. Couldn't be easier.


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