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Thread: Ubuntu phone and tablet - graphics

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    Ubuntu phone and tablet - graphics

    We use graphic intensive 3D cad programs. There fore we need fast graphics and very large data storage "HDD" Will a Ubuntu dock station be able to take a hard drive and graphic cards. If so our 65 Cad computers will slowly be phased out for Ubuntu one.

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    Re: Ubuntu phone and tablet - graphics

    Yeah, no. Your CAD software won't even be supported on the desktop version of the OS; any CAD software built for Ubuntu won't be compiled for ARM processors, which is what's used in the tablets and phones; and the GPUs in mobile devices couldn't possibly support that kind of application suite.

    Adding a hard drive to a phone dock is going to be easy, but it's impossible to have the phone OS interface with an external graphics card. There's no interface to support anything like that.
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    Re: Ubuntu phone and tablet - graphics

    It all depends upon what Canonical's hardware partners decide to release to the market place. Would you use a standard off the shelf PC for the type of work that your company does? Even if it was running Ubuntu? I think not.

    The intention is for standard smartphone technology to be used. So, unless someone is thinking of selling a smartphone that can do CAD to the intensive standard that you require, then the answer is no. Canonical is a software company. It is not going to become a hardware maker or seller.
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