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    This is on a new system about a month old. Dell XPS 8500. Windows 8. 8gigs of ram, ATI 7570. Trying to dual boot of course, but everything I have tried so far does not work. The live Ubuntu CD dose not recognize that I have another operating system win8. I have gone into the bios, and turned of fast boot, I have tried installing in legacy mode, meaning turning off UEFI. Tried installing in UEFI mode. Yes I have made another partition to install Ubuntu on which is fine. I can install Ubuntu on that partition, but I do not want to have to go into the bios every time I want to boot into windows.
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    Re: uefi

    Have you followed all the info at UEFI - Ubuntu Documentation

    I do not dual boot but I managed to get Xubuntu 12.04.2 installed on UEFI custom built desktop, in UEFI mode without too much difficulty by following the info at that link, particularly the part about how to boot the installation media (DVD/USB) which must be booted in the same mode as in intended installation. My only difficulty was working out which device was which from the boot menu that I saw, but once that was figured, it was very easy and incredibly quick to install; less than 15 mins.
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    Re: uefi

    Another user with same model.

    Dell XPS 8500, desktop. Win 8 eventually worked (Ignore sidetrack to EasyBCD)

    Another user in same thread above had issues installing to a second drive. But some with two drives and other systems have made it work.
    For info on UEFI boot install & repair - Updated Mar 2015:
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