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Thread: Disable battery charging on Ubuntu

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    Disable battery charging on Ubuntu

    Hey, I am running Ubuntu 12.04 32b on a Dell Inspiron N1500 (15R). There is a handy little option on Windows (Dell quickset) that disables battery charging until I unplug it when switched off.
    This is extremely useful in cases where I have to move my laptop from one room to another (say office to conference rrom on another floor) and it takes 15 mins on battery.

    Now, my battery is old and can hardly stand 1.5hr of usage. So, if I plug it back in after 15-20 min (wherein it loses ~30% charge), it charges that back and proceeds to charge to 100%. When I get back to the office, this process repeats all over again.
    I have read this is very, very harmful for battery health. Hence, I would like to disable the battery charging, and change only when it goes down to the last 15%.

    Can anyone tell me how to do this?

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    Re: Disable battery charging on Ubuntu

    I know that certain Lenovo models have such a feature, I don't know whether Dell has it also. Anyways, even if there is such a feature it also has to be documented so that it is possible to develop drivers for Linux. I couldn't find anything that would indicate that this feature is available for Linux on Dell laptops.

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