I just wanted to start a new thread on btrfs file system format. I have been experimenting with it off and on and had done an upgrade to saucy from raring back a few weeks ago and used btrfs as the file format. A week and a half ago I installed apt-btrfs-snapshot and ran an undate/upgrade (several times) giving me a variety of snapshots to choose from.

Yesterday I updated and it busted my desktop. Lightdm and logon came up, but, after logon I got no desktop. Just mouse pointer. (Most likely a compiz problem). Rather than start removing and reconfiguring things I decided to 'rollback' and here I am typing from the rolled back snapshot !

Since the devs put "mir' to sleep for the desktop, I sort of got bored and so I am going to experiment with the other snapshots, meaning to say is that I am going to format a saucy system with btrfs and then try to insert the @snapshot onto that machine. Finally .. it's fun again