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Thread: Can i install Unity alongside Pantheon?

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    Can i install Unity alongside Pantheon?

    im on Elementary OS(beta2) which uses Pantheon DE but lately ive been reading alot of good reviews on the latest Unity(13.04) so i thought maybe i should try it out to see if it is as good as the hype so is it possible to do such installation? ive tried installing Gnome3 side by side with pantheon like a month ago it was great no problems watsover but i removed it after acouple of days

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    Re: Can i install Unity alongside Pantheon?

    I am wondering why you have not asked this question on the Elementary web site. Surely thay are the best people to know the answer. I have browsed the Elementary web site and apart from admitting that the OS is based upon Ubuntu they do not say what version of Ubuntu they are working on. Nor do they intend to keep up with the Ubuntu development schedule.

    So, here is your problem, as I see it, What version of Unity do you wish to install? The version that came with Ubuntu 12.04? The version that came with Ubuntu 12.10? Or the version that came with Ubuntu 13.04? Unity and the underlying Ubuntu code base has moved on a lot since 12.04 was released. If you try to install Unity 7 (as coming with 13.04) on an Elementary OS that is based on Ubuntu 12.04 you may have all kinds of library conflicts.

    What repositories does Elementary OS use? Ubuntu repositories?

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    Re: Can i install Unity alongside Pantheon?

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    Re: Can i install Unity alongside Pantheon?

    From what I can tell it's based on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS.

    Post your /etc/apt/sources.list here to confirm.

    If indeed it's 12.04 then you 'should' be able to install Unity from 12.04. Maybe there's a PPA for the newer version of Unity 7 that appears in 13.04, you will have to search a bit.

    Or install 13.04 and install e17 an use your old configs...

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