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Thread: can not login even with correct password

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    Question can not login even with correct password

    Hi, I am using UBUNTU 12.04.
    I have been looking around and trying different solutions for the problem but none of them seem to work so please help me.
    I was configuring APACHE ANT environment variables so i opened ~/.profile and wrote down following lines of code
    to confirm that it had installed i executed the command
    ant -version
    there was an error, according to some forums the system had to be restarted.
    After system restart, when i entered correct password a black screen showed for few seconds and then Login screen was showed again.
    If I log-in as root user I can perform all the tasks but I have no access to that account for which I modified the ~/.profile .
    from root user when I execute this command
    ant -version
    it shows correct version which means that installation is correct.

    I have tried deleting and creating new user from root but it does not work.
    I have tried to run several commands in the recovery console which i get by pressing CTRL+ALT+F1 as proposed in different question on the forum but most of them do not run and error is shown that
    command is not available...

    pleases tell how can I solve this issue..?
    if you know any way that i can use to revert back to original ~/.profile file or undo the changes i made please do tell. thanks

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    Re: can not login even with correct password

    the easiest way is to create a new user, so creating a new .profile

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    Re: can not login even with correct password

    one thing to keep in mind is that 'su' and 'sudo' are lowercase commands, not uppercase. To change users, I have usually used 'sudo su - <username>, although I have not tried it as root. I usually login as a more restricted user, and only use 'sudo' when necessary.

    There is no automatic backup of the .profile file, although you may be able to retrieve the default one at /etc/skel/.profile.

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