OK, so I have backups run every night. Great thing, right? Well, when it works.

If I'm out of town and I reboot my computer, when it starts the backup the screen just sits there and says "The login keyring did not get unlocked when you logged into your computer"...

Well, that's annoying!

Anyway, I tried to research this, and it looks like the keyring isn't unlocking. Suggestions for solutions all focus around going into "Passwords and Keys" and changing the keyrings around or changing the password on the keyring. Well, I only have 2 tabs showing up:
"GnuPG keys" and
"OpenSSH keys"

Nothing about "Default Keyring", "Login Keyring" or anything else.

I would desperately like to get this fixed as soon as possible as I'm going out of town again soon and would really like my backups working before I do.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!