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Thread: 2 UDS sessions of special interest to us

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    2 UDS sessions of special interest to us

    Well, at least to me. Both on Thursday.

    UTC 14:00 Delivering a Unity 8 desktop in Ubuntu 13.10

    As part of the convergence story, Unity 8 running on Mir needs to be made available as an alternative session on the desktop as soon as practical. While not targeted as a production-quality release in this cycle, getting a functioning system into the hands of designers, engineers, and some plucky users at an early stage will help iron out wrinkles before they become problems that affect other form factors.
    UTC 15:00 Desktop Unity polish for 13.10

    Bugfixes and enhancements to Desktop Unity for Ubuntu 13.10 "Saucy Salamander"
    Seeing as most of us are testing on the desktop

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    Re: 2 UDS sessions of special interest to us


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