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Thread: cant find replies to my posting

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    cant find replies to my posting

    posted a question and have had sveral replies but cannot now see the thread. I am logged into my account. How do i find the posting and help i was being given

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    Re: cant find replies to my posting

    Click on your name and click view forum posts.

    Edit: it's also possible your thread was jailed.

    I requested that this thread be moved to the forum feedback section, where the staff might give a better answer.
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    Re: cant find replies to my posting

    Clicking on your handle, in this case "Podimore" will bring up a drop-down box, of which one option is: "View Forum Posts". This should allow you to see all posts you've make. Alternately, the "Quick Links" menu drop-down has an option for subscribed threads.
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    Re: cant find replies to my posting

    Thread moved to Forum Feedback & Help.

    You only have 2 threads - this one and

    As deadflowr says - you can get to your threads and posts from your profile.
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