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Thread: 4OD, Demand 5

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    Re: 4OD, Demand 5

    Quote Originally Posted by onefthemany View Post
    I made a clean install on my laptop and then installed hal... now I can watch 4oD and Demand 5, but only in Firefox... if in doubt clean it out

    Note: I am on 13.10 not 13.04 and pipelight does not work for me when using Chrome
    Hal doesn't work on pepper flash (Chrome). Pipelight should work on Chrome, but then it won't be for long because google is going to ban all NNAPI plugins and extensions on Chromium/Chrome for Linux after April, so I would just stick to Firefox.

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    Re: 4OD, Demand 5

    Hello and thank you for your post. I followed your directions (minus numbers 5 and 6) and now seem able to rent YouTube and Amazon movies once again. (This is in Firefox, running Ubuntu 13.10.)
    Does anyone have any thoughts on why it seems to be more challenging to access this kind of content in 13.10 than it was in previous versions? My hope, of course, would be that Ubuntu would be moving towards greater compatibility with these kinds of sites.

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    Re: 4OD, Demand 5

    Many thanks for this - worked for me!

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    Re: 4OD, Demand 5

    Quote Originally Posted by a-ciccantelli View Post
    The problem is that demand 5 and 4od and google play use flash DRM.

    You can get these sites working in Ubuntu but it is gettting harder and harder
    e.g. the 'hal' packages have now been deleted from the ubuntu 13.10 repos !

    here is what you need to do:

    1) make sure you are using firefox or chromium
    if you are using chrome make sure the pepper flash plugin is turned off

    2) if using ubuntu version 13.10 must download and install these raring(13.04) .debs because they have been deleted from the 13.10 repos:




    3) Once the debs are installed, then patch hal by executing the following shell commands::

    /usr/sbin/hald --daemon=yes--verbose=yes

    4) close the browser and clear the Adobe Access directories by executing the following shell commands:
    cd ~/.adobe/Flash_Player
    rm -rf NativeCache AssetCache APSPrivateData2
    rm-rf ~/.adobe

    5) need to reset licence files (this is critical too !):

    test via:

    paste in this video url:

    I am new to Ubuntu and I do not understand how to download libhal1, libhal-storage1, hal. Can you pleas give a step by step?

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