Hi All,
I'm new to all of this but my boyfriend installed ubuntu on my laptop and since then I've not been able to watch anything on 4OD or Demand 5.
I've googled it till I'm blue in the face and all sources tell me to download HAL then clear the Flash cache folder.
I've done this, Another guide told me to totally remove flash and then re-install it. I've done that also.

Every time even if I reboot on every step I get the same error messages.

Everything loads, On demand 5 i click the play button in the middle of the screen and straight afterwards a box appears that says

"This player is unable to play protected content at this time."

If I try 4OD, the same happens again

"A digital rights error 3322 has occurred..."

Its a pain in the bum because I watch lots of content on the on demand services and now they just wont play.
When I was on ubuntu 12.10 it seemed to work fine, now I'm on 13.04 it doesn't work at all!

Any help would be very much appriciated

Many Thanks