Somehow Ubuntustudio does see the webcam in Google Hangout. Here I have crappy buzzy sound from the one I try to talk with (I would like that solved too), There is video from both sides, the other side is not hearing me.
Cheese doesn see anything and just shows a greyed out screen.
Skype starts up. Initially nothing works. There is no camera detected and no sound both ways. Setting pulse audio solves the incoming sound but no solution can be found for anything to do with getting my webcam to work. The webcam just sits there being inactive.
I kinda forgot what version of ubuntustudio I installed but it said something about upgrading during last updates. Can find that handy "about" button anywhere... But the Xfce is 4.8
And my webcam is a logitech c510. Always worked great in previous Ubuntu installs.

Getting the webcam to work would be my main liberation from having to dualboot to windoze constantly.
Please, deliver me from the shackles of the evil windoze!