i haven't used windows for a long time and few months ago i purchased a new laptop with windows 8 and with the secure boot and uefi i decided to keep windows 8 on it. after i removed all the crap i didn't need and installed the stuff i did ie antivirus it was working quite well. i mainly used the desktop as i still don't like the metro interface.

couple of weeks ago it did a automatic update and when it restarted it took long time to load and when it did nearly all the metro icon disappeared so i clicked the desktop icon and then bobble popped up saying i logged on with a temp profile logged off and back up the same. reboot the same thng.

i have to just booted it up to sort the problem, so i started by checking if there is any updates thinking they might a fixed it with another update, so i did the check for updates and it found 2 important updates so i clicked the install button it started to downloaded and errored. clicked help with this problem and clicked through the queston and it didn't find the problem and suggested i run it under admin priviledges so i allowed it and then it found a problem and fixed it. so i ran the update again and in downloaded and installed the updates so i rebooted and it now loads the user profile correctly.

so after all these years it still keeps breaking itself. so glad i only use it to browse the web wirelessly and to use apps that don't work in linux.

thought i would share this.