The problem is almost solved now. Almost. But some still exist. Problem is , i was unable to open any hard disk partitions.When i try to open , it shows the message "Unable to mount partitions.Access restrictricted or permission denied". i have Windows 8 Pro 64-bit already installed and i installed 13.04 two days ago by removing Ubuntu 12.10 32-bit.I had the same problem with previous 12.10 but for C drive only.Now the problem is partially solved after running some repairing options from Advanced Options for Ubuntu from GNU GRUB.But still im unable to browse my Nokia C6-00 smartphone and other pendrives and flash drives. but im able to connect to internet with this phone as modem.I think problems are because of Windows and i will get sufferd again if run Windows. Can anybody help me to solve this problem and restore my access to phone and other USB Drives.Thanks in advance.