Hi all,

I have Ubuntu 13.04 and a problem with my screen after installing gnome 3.8.

I started by installing the gnome-shell and everything was fine.
Then after I installed :ubuntu-gnome-desktop

I noticed immediately that the font in the top bar was much sharper than usually in both gnome 3.8 and unity.
Now when I run gnome or unity I get terrible eye strain.
A pic, but maybe it is hard to see from it.

IS there someone else that has had this problem?

My dpi settings
xrdb -query | grep dpi
Xft.dpi: 96
xdpyinfo | grep dots
resolution: 90x88 dots per inch

I have modified the xdpyinfo using xorg.conf to 120x120 but that has no effect on the font
size in gnome.

I have basically tried everything (I think) , except from reinstalling ubuntu.
Tried nvidia drivers from 3.04, 3.10 and 3.13. Uninstalling gnome 3.8 has no effect. This is probably some setting somewhere but I'm out of ideas.

It is hard to describe this but I get tired after only 30 min of using the computer vs whole day before.

Some ideas?