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Thread: How to show desktop

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    Question How to show desktop

    The easiest of all questions, yet after two days this is starting to get truly annoying.
    Upon start up the proper desktop does show up, but then this "program", or window pops up. Can't be closed, and doesn't let right mouse clicking - please view the attached picture

    This is Lubuntu 13,04, and installed on an Acer One Netbook


    Is there any way to completely remove this application/window? Additionally, I noticed that battery time whilst running Lubuntu is severely compromised (a maximum of three hours, from 7 hours+ with Windows 7). Any unneeded applications that may be closed, which could still make Lubuntu usable? I only use this netbook for school purposes, and to view pdf's and write word documents.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: How to show desktop

    Advice on shutting down unneeded applications. Try installing an application called htop which shows you the processes that are taking up the most resources, from this you might be able to decide which ones are unneeded and which ones you can remove.
    Note: this is not saying the ones that are taking up the most resources are the best ones to remove, research the ones that are and remove if unnecessary.


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