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Thread: Best online / brick and mortar vedors for ubuntu laptops?

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    Red face Best online / brick and mortar vedors for ubuntu laptops?


    My situation
    • I'm a windows user trying to change to ubuntu. I'm a normal user, NOT a programmer
    • The very word "dual boot" scares me .
    • I'm an everyday user. I switch on a machine and use it for XL, word, powerpoint, PDF, browsing, web E mail etc [NO gaming]
    • I do _not_ do installing OS on my machine !!
    • I need a new laptop, and I'm planning to buy a laptop in the range of i3, 750 GB HDd, 4 GB Ram, 15 inch display etc
    • I live in the Middle East (arabian middle east)
    • The more I look around, the more I find windows on laptops

    Request for help :
    • Which vendors, manufacturers sell ubuntu laptops ? i.e. those that are made for ubuntu or linux and NOT windows laptops that have dual boot etc
    • Online vendors could be from anywhere ... brick and mortar have to be middle east
    • Usage of the laptop : XL, word, powerpoint [these three to be replaced with libre or open office] , PDF [say Odf], browsing, web E mail etc [NO gaming]
    • IF I have posted on the wrong forum, please direct me to the right one

    thanks in advance

    Edit : I have done some reading around. The following points are NOT essential reading for my question.
    Please skip the following if you do NOT have time

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