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Thread: New Unity 13.04 file manager is terrible

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    Re: New Unity 13.04 file manager is terrible

    Quote Originally Posted by tonywhelan View Post
    There is no toolbar button for Reload/Refresh (you have to click a menu item), and the location bar is "block mode" rather than textual (so you can't copy it to clipboard).
    I don't like those very much too but I alternate with other file managers.

    The one I liked the options most was Konkeror and/or Dolphin but I don't have it know as I feel it kinda "heavy" and I don't know how to explain but I prefer those programs that come with KDE to be used in "kde session"s. But it allows us to customize the navigation bar better than others, I mean, thru point and click and drag - that's how I prefer, editing thru a gui rather than config files. For instance PCManFM has the navbar buttons too small and in Konkeror one can resize the navbar buttons/icons.
    Sorry if I wasn't very clear.

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    Re: New Unity 13.04 file manager is terrible

    Quote Originally Posted by aceprry View Post
    Someone patched the 13.04 file manager...
    +1 on that!
    I'm sure we'll see a Nautilus update that'll return some normailty to that awesome app
    But in the meantime, @The Cog's suggestion to use THUNAR is awesome!
    I tried it and found a real gem... mass file renames are a real breeze with Thunar
    Geez Nautilus... get your act together!
    It's not what you know but who you know!

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    Re: New Unity 13.04 file manager is terrible

    I tried every "tweak" in and out of the book but couldn't get the latest nautilus to play nice.
    Now i enjoy using the file manager "pcmanfm" which is the default file manager for lubuntu. v0.9.10 is very stable and i don't miss nautilus at all since switching ever. And best of all the compact view actually works very well.

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