So putting aside the calendar quirks how will this impact a user who wants to stay current? It just so happened that I switched to Ubuntu 12.10 in Feb. and thought joining the QA team and doing some testing would be a great way to introduce a new OS to me. So I ran both 12.10 and the daily 13.04 concurrently on 2 machines and I'm confident that this immersion paid off in spades. I've since adopted the 13.04 final and started evaluation Linux Mint 14.

I'm not quite certain how to employ this rolling release and use it to MY benefit. I really don't want to ignore a new methodology, but I'm ready to start using this a bit more in depth and start focusing on the functionality.

I was hoping that a rolling release would help me by being able to just upgrade raring periodically and not have to perform a 'fresh install' of saucy ever. I'm kinda making an anaolgy to M$ here with their service packs .. I was ably to totally skip Win ME & Vista staying with XP until I adopted Ubuntu.

Hopefully I'm not offending anyone by mentioning M$ and I'd like to think that the price of freedom in computing is time spent learning!