Well, long time since I was here... But inspired by the good reviews about the latest Ubuntu, decided to try it... What can I say?!

This is not the Microsoft's killer and it will not rule the desktop market soon... On a fresh install my Packard Bell Dot S netbook is simply unusable. After the Unity is loaded, it takes 3-4 secs just to display "Firefox" label on hover. I've never seen so slow OS, really!

So I've started reading, searching in Google... Many topics suggest to install "gnome-session-fallback" or something. I've installed this and now I have a gnome-like desktop without even a simple transparency.

Well, "great" work, Canonical! You're ready to win the world market with this "ultra fast" OS. It takes 1-2 mins to start "Software Centre" on my 6 months old netbook with 2 GB of RAM. Next time I'll buy a netbook with 8 GB RAM... I hope it will be enough for your "optimized" Unity...