Hi folks Im wondering if you can help me. I've upgraded to 13.04. Ive been tweaking it and almost got it working, problem is, the game will freeze after i click character login or shortly after i leave the docking area.

I am using these overrides: msvcr 80, 90, 100. (native, builtin), disabled d3d11, deleted jukebox folder to eliminate that bug, turned off audio, Im also using d3dx9_36 set to native. turned off shadows, dumbed down the graphics and still getting freezing. I am using wine latest release 1.5.28. I have a fully updated kernel. Radeon 5800 graphics. 13.4 graphics driver (propietary). I have tested in windows and non windowed mode. Oddly the game seems to run better outside of a virtual Desktop in Wine, then in it. I have loaded wine tricks, and the wine metapackage. I do not wish to revert to 12.10. Any ideas or help is greatly appreciated.