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Thread: XBMC vs MythTV

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    XBMC vs MythTV

    Which one do you prefer and why?

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    Re: XBMC vs MythTV

    XBMC, very easy to install and works beuatifully. MythTV is best if you want to install a tuner card and use the PVR functionality, but if you're just streaming across your network XBMC is much more straightforward to set up. I run XBMC on top of a minimal Ubuntu install on my HTPC, it boots straight into XBMC and we can use smartphones or tablets to control it. Very simple, attractive and reliable.

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    Re: XBMC vs MythTV

    Different beasts, but XBMC is easier to install and configure so that gets my vote.

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    Re: XBMC vs MythTV

    I use OpenElec on my Raspberry Pi, which is basically a super stripped down "XBMC as an OS" type of setup for simpler/low powered devices. It auto mounts my video and music shares from my server in my basement so I can stream them accordingly. It's been running problem free for months now. Absolutely love it.

    To be fair, I haven't used MythTV, but it's hard to invest time in trying something else when I'm as busy as I am these days while having a seemingly bombproof working solution already.
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