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    Yesterday I took a chance and ran the update/upgrade from Lubuntu 12.10 to Lubuntu 13.04.

    Everything ran quite well with no apparent glitches to the upgrade. I was really pleased with how easy the upgrade went and how well I could see what was going on during the upgrade.

    After all was upgraded, installed and updated I only ran into a couple of very small issues. First, I seemed to have lost mounting my NAS via fstab. Anyway that I tried to mount it, either CLI or fstab, ended up in an error of Input/Output error. Looking at the logs didn't shed any more light on the issue. I finally uninstalled the CIFS utilities then re-installed them. I reviewed the man 8 mount.cifs and other info about CIFS and found there were some changes. I made some small changes to my fstab entry and all seems to be OK now. The NVIDIA files all updated just fine and the kernel was updated with the NVIDIA files.

    Samba and PCManFM don't seem to interface/integrate the way the did under 12.10. I have to explicitly mount the smb shares as they don't seem to automount like they did in 12.10. Once I figured that out, I was good to go.

    The update didn't seem to mess anything up. Vuescan still runs and my conky set up is still there and running.

    This morning I had a notice that there were some files to update (I already forgot which ones).
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