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Thread: My Windows 7 challenge

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    Re: My Windows 7 challenge

    Quote Originally Posted by flashmanblack View Post
    ,windows 7 is nice,but i like windows xp better for its cheap price and good hardware compatibility。
    Depends on the hardware you are installing it on. I've always had hell trying to actually get XP installed on anything that is running the SATA ports as ACHI instead of IDE. Who actually has a floppy drive to install the ACHI driver (if you can find one?).

    WinXP is also going End of Life in less then a year.
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    Re: My Windows 7 challenge

    Raid was always a pain under XP as well.
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    Re: My Windows 7 challenge

    I have never had a malware/virus/spyware issue in my life. If you are careful not to download junk or go to bad websites or quickly go through installation processes in Windows, it's fine! 95 was amazing. 98 was amazing. 2000 was amazing. ME was junk. XP was okay. Vista was junk. 7 was sluggish but usable. 8 is junk unless you have a tablet. After ME, MS is keeping a fail-good pattern. Let's hope Windows Blue is good and the comedy will continue!
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