Hello, I have a 12.04 server running perfectly. I primarily use the server for storage of media and personal apps/docs that I don't want to store on the local computer/laptops. When I first got the server running I had plenty of space for files with out any issue. But over time all my media pictures, music , movies etc has taken up drive space and now I am faced with either deleting some of the content or upgrading the drive. The current drive is a 200 gig. I am wanting to throw in a 2 or 3 tb drive. So here is the question.

I was looking around at different methods of imaging my server and came across clonezilla. If I upgraded my drive and slapped that image on the new drive will that work? Or will there be problems with disk partitions. such as seeing the entire drive? I have spent alot of time getting this server configured to my needs. if it would be better to just install a fresh install that is fine and have no problem doing so. Just wanted to eliminate some of the down time.

Thank you in advance.