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Thread: Getting zoolz to work linux

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    Getting zoolz to work linux

    I took advantage of the 100GB free and am trying to get zoolz to work in ubuntu 12.04. I installed it with wine but can't get it to work. Part of the issue is there are numerous exe files and I don't know how to have wine run it. I am attaching a screenshot of its' folder.
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    Re: Getting zoolz to work linux

    Hmm, all you need to do is install the utilities on a Windows machine, then sniff the proprietary protocol with Wireshark and reverse engineer it. Nothing to it...

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    Re: Getting zoolz to work linux

    With Wine, it's not so much the exe files as it is the DLLs -- as every DLL that makes a Windows system call has to be replaced with a DLL that makes Linux system calls, instead. There's a bunch of DLLs in there, too -- which really hurts your chances of getting this to work.
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    Re: Getting zoolz to work linux

    Moved to wine
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