Hi everybody, get prepared to hear from a complete Linux noob...

So, today I installed Ubuntu onto my laptop, which had Windows 8 already installed.
I did as the website says and rather than using the installer I downloaded a 64-bit version of Ubuntu and installed it myself.
I burned the ISO file to a USB stick and successfully installed Ubuntu.
I created a new Partition Table because I wanted to make the partitions myself. Was I supposed to do this? Or use what I had?
I created the following partitions:
  • 200,000MB /home partition for all downloads, apps, etc. (This shows in the about this computer section as 216GB, which is about half my available storage according to Windows)
  • 500MB of swap space. Do I need more? I have 6GB of RAM.
  • 20GB / (root) partition
  • 100MB EFI boot partition
  • 100MB BIOS boot partition (I don't have UEFI BIOS)

I think that's all.
So just now, I checked in my BIOS to see if I could boot Windows and Ubuntu was installed on both partitions.

Please help. Thanks in advance.