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Thread: Help with Twitter Attackers

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    Help with Twitter Attackers

    I dont expect much help here, since I know many of you dont like to mess with this but...

    A student at my local school has created a Twitter account under the school's name. They are posting inappropriate messages. This has happened before. I want to shut the account down.

    How can I hack it or what can I research to figure out how? Is there another way to shutdown the account?

    I have some knowledge of how to hack some things, but I haven't tried much. I have never had a reason, but I have a reason now.

    Dont post that "hacking is bad" or whatever. If you can help, please post.

    Thanks in advance
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    Re: Help with Twitter Attackers

    This is going to sound mundane, but report them Twitter and let them deal with it. You can also inform your schools IT department. Hacking advice is not going to be given to you on this forum.

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    Re: Help with Twitter Attackers

    Hacking advice is not going to be given to you on this forum.
    Never a truer word said !

    Thread closed.
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