First i am not sure if this is more for outtopic or for the Server section so i just try it first here.

I am surprised that there is nothing like a real table of all possible configurations of samba out there.

The most complete list i found was here:

But i would like it as a table. Is there anything out there? google didnt gave me much about tables of the smb.conf

Option Parameters Function Default Scope
path (directory) string (directory name) Sets the Unix directory that will be provided for a disk share or used for spooling by a printer share. /tmp Share
comment string Sets the comment that appears with the share. None Share
volume string Sets the MS-DOS volume name for the share. Share name Share
read only boolean If yes, allows read-only access to a share. yes Share
writable (write ok or writeable) boolean If no, allows read-only access to a share. If yes, both reading and writing are allowed. no Share

But like a FULL list?

I couldnt found anything. If someone have a link or a excel file or whatever - Please tell me