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Thread: Bought a domain, is there an easy way to update with a dynamic IP?

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    Bought a domain, is there an easy way to update with a dynamic IP?

    I just grabbed a domain name from and I want to update it to the webserver I run at home.

    Until now I've always just used free ddns services such as and used their subdomains, ( for example)
    Now that I've bought my own domain name I've looked at services that can keep up to date with my ip, dnsomatic for example.

    However, I want to know if there's a way I can get the domain name I bought point to a dynamic ip without manually updating it, I've been looking at OpenDNS and dnsomatic but these don't seem to care about my actual domain name?

    Am I missing something with the nameservers?
    If I change the nameservers my domain at lcn uses to the OpenDNS ones, will it then work or am I going to have to follow someof the advice on the internet I have read which says I need to continue using but just, redirect my domain around it? (using a CName record according to some of the guides.)

    In other words, what is the fastest, most reliable way to point a domain name to a dynamic IP?
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    Re: Bought a domain, is there an easy way to update with a dynamic IP?

    I use freedns, which does allow you to register your user-owned domain name with them so that you can update it using the ddns daemons on either your router or your computer. Website is here.
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