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Thread: How to open Outlook .msg "OLE2 compound document storage files"

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    How to open Outlook .msg "OLE2 compound document storage files"

    Hello all

    I literally have hundreds of old e-mails from Outlook that I've moved over to Ubuntu 12.04 LTS that I need to be able to open. I can't really spend the time saving them all individually as they are from a work laptop that I need to return to the company shortly.

    I have tried opening them in thunderbird and gedit with no success. (gedit shows blank and thunderbird launches a new e-mail with the file as an attachment).

    Any idea how I can open these up?

    Thanks all
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    Re: How to open Outlook .msg "OLE2 compound document storage files"

    Try ripole from command line.
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    Re: How to open Outlook .msg "OLE2 compound document storage files"

    This is what I did when I switched from Xp to ubuntu:

    Emails in Outlook:
    If you install Thunderbird under Windows you can import your data from Outlook directly into Thunderbird. Then export them in some Thunderbird format into a file.
    Transfer the file into computer with Ubuntu and import them there again into Thunderbird. (I did it only for contacts but I think for emails it is the same game.)

    If you can't install anything on the pc from your company then save the file on your pc
    and when you have a pc with windows on it you can do that.
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