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Thread: Setting Up Server On Ubuntu

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    Setting Up Server On Ubuntu

    Haiee I am working for my school setting up MinecraftEDU for use as a learning tool. I have the program installed (MinecraftEDU) on a few computers and have set up a server for this. The server computer is running Ubuntu Desktop 12.10. I have the server running, but I can't connect to it from another computer. I talked to another person at another school, and he said there was a way to do it without port forwarding. He wouldn't tell me the login for the internet settings, and I don't like Hamachi. I am wondering what I am going to do to set up the server so it works. The server runs and everything, but I don't have a port or anything set up because I can't get the login. The guy said something about opening a port in ufw, but I can't see how that would help. Can someone help me?
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