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Thread: Weird graphics problems.

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    Weird graphics problems.

    Hey guys, Whenever I try to run anything 3D my graphics just mong out (sorry for the crude terminoigy) I installed Half life and all the graphics are upside down(never seen this before), green lines through it and other messed up things.
    I tried enabling 3D windows for desktop cube, again this just does some really weird things.

    Now this has happened after 2 installs, I am running an Intel HD graphics card and I am running 12.10 Ubuntu.

    This graphics has ran Half life before when I was on windows so I know its not a hardware graphics card problem.

    Thanks in advance


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    Re: Weird graphics problems.

    Hardware functionality depends critically on the drivers used -- and Windows uses very different drivers from Linux. Intel drivers are bundled with the kernel -- so you don't have to download and install them. You can try the following link to see if there are any newer Intel video drivers:
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    Re: Weird graphics problems.

    If the graphics card is a very recent model there may still be serious bugs in the driver.

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    Re: Weird graphics problems.

    It is not a hardware problem under Windows, but it very well might be under linux. That is not a very powerful card and while HL1 might be an old game, linux + known crappy Intel graphics might very well prevent you from running it properly. Canadian Web Design and Hosting


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