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Thread: boot HDD not reconised by pc

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    boot HDD not reconised by pc

    Hi, I don't know what I messed up, but my booting is damaged.

    Now I started pc via live cd, opened GParted, but it find no device there. ( I have now only one HDD with the OS's connected). On the terminal the command "sudo blkid" find only the live cd.
    The "sudo fdisk -l" doesn't react.

    I get this problem yesterday. I think after playing with GPrted, even if I didn't change anything at the end.
    The monitor gets unexpected frozen at first. After restart I couldn't boot. Get the messige about NTLDR. Then I restarted with live CD, where I couldn't see the HDD with OS in GParted at first. At the end it worked for a while again, even if I didn't change anything, and now I get the same problem.

    Thanks for helping.
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