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Thread: monitor usb modem signal strength

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    monitor usb modem signal strength

    how to monitor signal strength of USB modems through commandline ??

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    Re: monitor usb modem signal strength

    This is one way to do it:

    1. Install terminal program cu : sudo apt-get install cu

    2. Connect to the modem : cu -l /dev/ttyUSB0
    - this may be also ttyUSB1, 2 or bigger, depending on your modem

    3. Give AT command to check the signal : at+csq
    - this gives you the RSSI, see further below

    - Exit cu by keys: "~" and "." (Ctrl+C or else do not work)
    - Some modems work with the connection on, some do not, so it may be wise to disconnect from internet before trying cu.

    The table helps you realize the RSSI (Radio Signal Strength Index) compared to other indicators of signal strength. (The table headings are in Finnish, but it is very easy to figure out.)
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    Re: monitor usb modem signal strength

    when I write "cu -l /dev/ttyUSB0" I get this error:
    "cu: open (/dev/ttyUSB0): Permission denied
    cu: /dev/ttyUSB0: Line in use"
    but I tried it with root and also modem is not connected.
    when modem is connected I get this :
    "cu: /dev/ttyUSB0: Line in use"


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