that's the normal place for the binary I think -
For some reason I can usually "tab complete" binarys. This one I can't .. the only ones that are returned when I type "vino" and hit "Tab" are :

root@argonaut:~# vino-p
vino-passwd       vino-preferences
so I would have thought that it would have given me the vino-server result as well ...

I guess if you don't mind other default settings you could try resetting everything in the schema
I'm not sure of the all the settings that I've set .. I'm on the box 8 hrs a day at work. I may end up resetting them tomorrow and seeing what happens.

For now my solution will be just to run it manually. I am able to ssh to the machine so it seems that I will always be able to start it.

Thank you very much for the help and assistance.