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Thread: Toshiba Satellite Display Blacks Out. Desktop shows at first

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    Toshiba Satellite Display Blacks Out. Desktop shows at first

    hi. just as title says. i have a toshiba satellite a205 and i have burned several iso's and tried many ubuntu variants, debian variants and even archbang. on live cd's i cant get the display to show the desktop and menu etc upon boot. but within 5 seconds or so the whole display just blackouts out and alt f2 alt f8 etc etc will not bring anything back up or any of my function keys. on most all the os's i have tried. i got one to install which is lxle but is does this if not in recovery mode. recovery mode keeps the screen on constantly in most all of these os's i have tried so i know it is not a screen problem. surely some file i need to edit or something else to do. please help as this is a pain and i would like to install any os i would like to and know what to do to fix this. with lxle (not lxde the environment the new os that came out) the noapic nolapic worked but with other os's it did not. that is how i got this to install. thanks again to any help with this tricky laptop. also wifi won't work iwconfig shows wlan0 and rfkill is unblocked on all and still no wifi sources appear. but that will be a whole other topic later.

    laptop specs :

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