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Thread: Super key cease to exist

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    Super key cease to exist

    EDIT: My stupidity - it was my fault. I used bad config in gnome-tweak-tool.


    I have horrible bug with keyboard layout. It happened after adding testing repository of Gnome 3.8. I ppa-purge it, but it doesn't changed it back.

    My key "Super" (for displaying activities and "Super+M" for notifications etc.) stopped working after adding and upgrading from that repo. When I display keyboard layout it looks like this:

    But it is wrong - instead of "Level5 shift" should be "Super". And when I try to create new shortcut, it also displays "Level5 shift" when I press super. My keyboard in real looks like this:

    I tried to add different layout for other language (for English, Belgian...) but it's still same. When I push my window key, it reacts as "Level5 shift" instead.
    Any ideas? Thanks
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