Hi there,

I have installed and set-up Ubuntu 12.10 64-bit edition.

Question One:

I did not enable automatic log in when I set up my account but wish to enable this feature now.

Having gone a Google search, it seems that enabling the option after creating the account is a complex matter and that an option (when unlocking a user account) that should appear does not (I believe at this stage it is a bug). [http://askubuntu.com/questions/21082...n-ubuntu-12-10]

I referred to this webpage: http://www.liberiangeek.net/2012/10/...antal-quetzal/ and followed the instructions. Upon rebooting however no automatic log in occurs. How does one go about achieving the goal? I'm wishing to keep a password, which brings me to my next question.

Question Two:
How would I make Ubuntu immediately lock the screen (otherwise done by pressing Ctrl, Alt and L) when my log in occurs?

The machine that has Ubuntu installed is controlled by me via my Windows 8 laptop using TightVNC - something that I have successfully set-up on both machines and works without issue. It is only in the instances where the Ubuntu desktop may restart, that I cannot control it via TightVNC if a user is not already signed in. Otherwise, it is a case of disconnecting the monitor to our other desktop (running Windows 8), and connecting it to the Ubuntu machine.

Many thanks for any assistance anyone is able to provide to either question.