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Thread: Latest Kernel Update (3.5.0-26) Freezes Intel GPU

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    Unhappy Latest Kernel Update (3.5.0-26) Freezes Intel GPU

    Wow, super frustrated. I love Linux, especially Ubuntu, but the latest kernel update (3.5.0-26) has cause an apport error to keep popping up. At its worst, it locks up my machine requiring me to do a hard reboot.

    There error report shows this as the primary cause: /usr/share/apport/

    I'm running Ubuntu 12.10 on a Toshiba Satellite C850. It's been running perfectly for months until I applied the update earlier this week. Now it's rendered my machine almost unusable. After some review, I do see that this issue is deemed fixed in the upcoming Raring Ringtail release. That's fine... but what am I supposed to do for 4 weeks until it's officially available for download? This is a work laptop which I use to code websites. When it locks up, and I do a hard reboot, it destroys my Aptana Workspaces. They then go through a rebuild which means I lose valuable development time.

    Whilst super impressed with open source, yes I'm exploiting its benefits, leaving a gaping whole like this in current GPU support is a little concerning. I'd say recent adopters, moving from Windows, might opt to go back. I have to say, reluctantly, I did consider it myself just for hardware compatibility. One compromise I accept using Linux is that GPU drivers are not truly optimised for the hardware they run on. In other words you get a good performance but not really as good as it would normally be on an Intel specific driver. Perhaps someone can correct me on this... I'm still only 12 months into using Linux but understand frame rates are lower - not withstanding Steams latest efforts.

    Any advice would be really appreciated. I've spent a considerable amount of time learning the GIMP, APTANA, INKSCAPE and other awesome Linux software. I'd hate to have to roll back my decision because I can't find a suitable solution. Gosh, the thought of going to Windows 8 is simply jarring... I hate the UI, it's just revolting. And once upon a time you'd have had to saw off my arm to prise Windows away from me.

    Cheers in advance for any help.


    Addendum: I have just read that apport itself can be the problem, particularly with the error message I'm receiving. It's recommended to temporarily switch it off. I've done this, I'll report back how I go.
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