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Thread: Which distribution for USB flash drives?

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    Question Which distribution for USB flash drives?

    I have an old Thinkpad T61 laptop that I mostly use for writing documents.

    I'd like to remove the hard drive and run some lightweight GNU/Linux distribution from a tiny USB flash drive. I don't need an HDD or SSD because I'm not going to have any big files on it.

    Is there a distribution created for this purpose? I mean, something that doesn't cause a lot of disk writes and is optimized for running from a USB flash drive? It should use the RAM as much as possible and write to the disk as little as possible. It also needs to have a GUI.

    Or is it better to just go with something like Xubuntu or Lubuntu and try adding things like “relatime” to fstab?

    And how would I actually install it to the USB drive? Do I install it just like I install distros to a regular HDD? Or is it better to use something like unetbootin with the persistance option?

    Also, which filesystem is the best for USB flash drives?
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