hey all, just got my new pc here. back for second time. I made a mistake on MB choice, took it back for a switch. From ga-z77-ud3h to ga-z77-ud5h gigabyte. I was certain i chose the ud5h from the start, but didn't.

Anyhow, i installed win 7 on it when i had the ud3h from the dvd. Next day i took it back, and they swapped boards for me. He said had changed drivers in win7 for the new board. And that works fine.

Now that i want to dual boot with ubuntu, i cannot find how to boot from dvd drive. Only 2 choices are my two drives (1 ssd, 1 HDD). No where is there cd or dvd rom drive to boot from. I've slowly gone through every menu of the bios. The DVD drive shows up in win7 and works fine. Perhaps some kinda sub menu in this newer board, cause dvd rom was on the list for boot choice with the ud3h.

reading the https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI info. I see both should be installed the same. If one O/S is installed with EFI, others must also. Or if installed Legacy, others must be the same.
How do i check how i installed the first time. I didn't take note, because i didn't know at the time. New to this UEFI stuff.