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Thread: Why I will stay with Ubuntu

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    Why I will stay with Ubuntu

    If you do not have Ubuntu, you should get it. It is the best operating system ever, and it is free. You do not have to leave your Windows programs thanks to Wine, a Windows program loader (Not a drink). It runs .exe files and includes a cmd to run .bat files. Ubuntu has little malware and viruses, and it does not fragment your hard drive. It is fast and stable. It is COMPLETELY customizable. If you don't think Linux is user friendly, try Ubuntu (not arch Linux). I am not going back to Windows! On Mac OSX you have to freakin' " authenticate" every little thing, even a shutdown. Come on Apple, authenticate a SHUTDOWN. Windows is so slow and Vista is only compatible with and has drivers for the blue screen. Windows has like a zillion viruses out there for Windows. If there was one dollar for every Windows virus out there, we could pay off the national debt (well, not really, but there are a lot of viruses).

    Even though I've only had it for a couple of months, but I love it.

    PS. this is my first thread
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