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Thread: Ubuntu to halve support length for non-LTS releases

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    Re: Ubuntu to halve support length for non-LTS releases

    Quote Originally Posted by Peripheral Visionary View Post
    For true long term support when all this takes effect, users will be switching to Debian and other Debian derivatives, or CentOS, or Slackware (really long-term support) or whatever else. I don't want to deal with all the breakage and bugs and stuff that seems to always go along with "new and shiny."
    Really? I am typing on Debian Whizzy now. It is a pain to have to compile updated versions of something simple like Smplayer (say with Youtube support) at every turn and this is not even Lenny! I am not afraid of compiling but just saying, I have better things to do than to compile many apps just to be reasonably up to date. Next thing: to get Firefox and get rid of icewesel.

    I would rather take some risks (and I doubt that it would be more risky than running Fedora, which I also like) than be stuck with Debian "stability" (It can be worse, like Cenos, which is good for servers but not on the desktop especially if you need anything remotely workable in terms of multimedia). I am not an "entreprise" and I am not running a server, I like to get new features and bug fixes rather than something "stable" in the sense of predictably broken or predictably limited.
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