Hi. Today I installed "Steam" from "Ubuntu Software center". It had the button "Buy" which i found weird because I remember Steam as a free program. Then it started to update and wanted my password. Then I restarted the computer because Steam wanted it. After I logged in to my Ubuntu I saw only the Desktop Background and one icon which was "Steam". The icon Steam did not work, nothing happens when I press it. The problem is that by installing Steam I have made my Ubuntu 12.10 installation useless because my account does not show the Startmenu anymore and the Guest account is sabotaged too. There is no startmenu on the Guest account and the Steam icon is not there. So now I wonder how to fix my Ubuntu 12.10 installation and get Steam working. How can I fix my Startmenu so that the Ubuntu 12.10 installation can be used by me (Im lucky that I had an old ubuntu installation on one of my hdd's)?