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Thread: LibreOffice crashes in 12.04

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    LibreOffice crashes in 12.04

    Ubuntu 12.04 LTS -- With LO Writer open, I click TOOLS > Bibliography Database and the crash happens. LO immediately greys out and then disappears from the screen. I have to reboot the app to get it back.

    Does anybody here know why?

    Let me know, please.


    jimmy1369 (a new guy)

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    Re: LibreOffice crashes in 12.04

    Thread moved to General Help.

    Welcome to the forums. Just a heads up; The Cafe is not a support sub-forum. It is intended for:

    ... lighthearted and enjoyable discussions, like you might find around a water cooler at work. Almost any non-tech-support topic may be discussed here.
    You might like to introduce yourself here, incidentally:

    Good luck.
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